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Diesis audio aura horn speaker
Release time:2021-02-08

specification parameters:

 Unit: a 10 inch and a 12 inch paper cone basin bass unit, 45mm horn unit
 Frequency division point frequency: 200Hz, 1800hz
 Environmental frequency response: 42hz-23000hz (+ / - 3dB), 32hz-28000hz (+ / - 8dB)
 Sensitivity: 93dB (2.83 V / M)
 Minimum power (RMS): 20W
 Maximum power (RMS): 195w
 Rated impedance: 6 Ω
 Dimension (WDH): 41 × 30 × 114mm
 Weight: 47kg

Many rational audio players, from their point of view, as long as the equipment is good enough, and often they pay more attention to the performance of performance and cost performance. Therefore, the circuit design is excellent, the operation is stable, the material is strong enough, and the sound meets the requirements of precision and close to simulation, such sound products will be very competitive in the market (although I am also I think so). However, this type of enthusiasts is very rare in the market, especially for the big market. Such a high fever player circle tends to deviate from the DIY route, so this type of player can not completely represent the market's view on audio. In the face of the real market, perhaps businesses will have more say, because they communicate with many feverish and non feverish customers every day, so they have a clearer and better understanding of the market demand, such as what kind of brand and product, appearance, product color and material, voice performance style and type, etc., so as to better obtain the hearts of buyers or the youth of female owners in the home Lai.

In the past, we introduced diesis, a new Italian loudspeaker brand, which is superior in appearance and sound Audio, with its horn design as the direction, static placement can show more graceful beauty. I think about it. In addition to the fever circuit design and bel canto required by enthusiasts, the elegant and artistic appearance of audio is really indispensable. To some extent, it will also be an important chip in whether the brand can be famous for a long time.

After introducing caput Mundi in the past, we listened to another diesis audio product, aura, a smaller horn speaker. Although the appearance is more slim and slim, the process and design are impeccable. Even if you enter the daily home environment, there is no pressure. Its 93dB sensitivity also makes aura easier to match and not choose power amplifier.

There are not many products, but each one is a boutique

Diesis  The audio brand website is very beautiful, and the product design is particularly beautiful. Like an artwork, as an Italian audio manufacturer, it is impeccable in terms of technology and design. On the official website, I also found several loudspeaker, amplifier, player and other products under the brand. However, maybe it is too much emphasis on quality. There are not many types of electronic equipment, but horn speakers It's still the way to be in charge. The aura introduced in this article is an entry-level speaker among the six loudspeakers (there is also a similar ludos, the price will be more attractive).

I found that most of the loudspeakers of diesis audio brand adopt similar basic design: the bottom is a flat bass box, and an independent horn tweeter is placed on the top of the box. The difference between different models is the size of the box and the number of units. This basic design is also the pride of diesis audio brand: the world's first speaker manufacturer to integrate the dipole bass unit and the mid and high pitch horn compression unit.

The so-called dipole type sound generating unit means that the unit radiates sound waves both forward and backward. The phase of sound waves radiated forward is opposite to that of backward radiation. That is to say, when the unit diaphragm moves forward, it will produce positive sound pressure in front of the loudspeaker, and when it moves backward, it will produce reverse sound pressure. In this case, the backward sound wave will be offset, making the forward sound cleaner. The advantages of the horn type medium and high pitch unit are more obvious. Due to the "amplification" effect of the horn sound wave, the medium and high pitch diaphragm only needs to make a small radiation movement to release the sound with sufficient energy and loudness, which can keep the medium and high pitch diaphragm in the best working state and greatly reduce the possibility of distortion.

It must not be considered as a simplified version of caput Mundi

Aura, which means "temperament" in Chinese, is a new product of diesis audio, and can never be regarded as a simplified version of caput Mundi. Aura inherits all the innovative technologies of caput Mundi box and unit layout. The box and internal components have been reduced in weight and size, but still maintain a strong functional performance. Aura makes full use of space and performance to demonstrate the definition and charm of diesis audio in sound.

From the side, aura is flat and arched (similar design with other models): the front baffle is straight, but the back plate is bent inward into an arc. On the one hand, it maintains the elegant aesthetic feeling, on the other hand, it can eliminate the low-frequency standing wave in the box, so as to achieve a more pure low-frequency effect. The edges and corners of the front baffle are all cut into inclined planes, which is beneficial to reduce the acoustic wave diffraction. The aura horn is made of ABS and glass fiber. It has excellent sound diffusion effect and uses the best components, such as mundorf silver gold capacitor.

Aura has excellent off-axis effect, and although the components used are the same as the top models, the use of frequency division filters is quite different. In terms of components, aura still strictly abides by diesis audio's standard of pure copper, such as custom capacitors and resistor coils in series at the signal terminals. In addition, aura loudspeakers also follow the innovation of diesis audio in the use of non component materials, and a total of clad developed by the manufacturer is adopted 58 composite material (composed of mineral powder, cement and special resin) is mainly used for the filter on the back of bass unit. This material is produced in a special formula. After mixing mineral powder and special liquid resin material, it is solidified and molded by single pressing to ensure its excellent hardness and damping characteristics. Under the same sound pressure output, it will not be like solid wood That produces too much vibration diffusion.

"Seamless" combination of horn and dipole bass

In terms of unit, aura is composed of a 45mm horn treble, a 10 inch and a 12 inch paper cone basin bass unit, which provides stable and consistent sound output in the range of 42hz-23000hz (+ / - 3dB). Compared with ordinary loudspeakers, the unique horn shape and size can achieve excellent acoustic projection and excellent off-axis response. It is also because of the horn design of the middle and high pitch that the frequency divider can use as few components as possible to achieve the natural sound with realistic sense and minimum phase drift. At the same time, aura has a very high sensitivity of 93dB (2.83 V / M), so even if it is equipped with a small power amplifier, especially a class a power amplifier, the toxicity and density of sound will be very high.

Loose and dense

Playing violin concerto, a system composed of Nagra and aura, shows a strong musical artistic flavor and a penetrating sense of sound. The overtone is moderate and the aftertaste is impressive. The violin sound has a good display in the horn system. The high frequency extension is natural and sweet, and full of artistic flavor. The soft and beautiful bow string friction texture is extremely flexible and delicate. The positioning of the instrument is accurate and real, and the distance from the audience is very appropriate and in place, with a sense of separation and hierarchy.

In the program "simple symphony, Op", 4:Playful  In pizzicato, aura presented the whole scene with a huge sense of space and a dark and profound background. Every tiny "little bit" sound was not missed. The analytical power was indeed superior. Moreover, the sound field was huge, the effect was comprehensive, the sense of air was extremely excellent, and the sound density was also very high, which fully showed the large-scale symphony and rich information Come out.

For example, in playing the album "best Audiophile Voices", aura horn shows that the timbre is pure, pure, natural and real. The ups and downs of music sense and dynamic Zhang he are extremely in place, which is consistent with Nagra The VPA tube amplifier is well matched and has excellent compatibility. At the same time, the sweet and tender side of women is fully revealed. The singing is natural but not stiff, smooth and durable.

As a horn speaker, aura fully demonstrates and restores the Italian technology and design, and shows the perfect combination of Bel Canto and bel canto through beautiful timbre.

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